Dr. Nadine Haddad

Medical Doctor & Owner at B Medical Spa and Wellness Center

The B Medical Spa Scholarship for Medical Students is a prestigious scholarship program dedicated to supporting and recognizing outstanding individuals pursuing a career in medicine. We believe in the power of education and are committed to nurturing the next generation of healthcare leaders.

At B Medical Spa, we understand the challenges faced by aspiring medical professionals, particularly the financial burdens associated with medical education. That’s why we established this scholarship to provide financial support and alleviate some of the financial constraints that students may encounter along their educational journey.

The scholarship is named in honor of Dr. Nadine Haddad, MD, the esteemed Medical Director and Owner of B Medical Spa and Wellness Center. Dr. Haddad is deeply committed to the highest standards of ethics and excellence in medical practice. With a passion for open communication and whole-body wellness, she strives to empower patients on their path to confident health and comprehensive beauty.

Through an essay contest, we aim to recognize and reward exceptional medical students who exemplify a dedication to patient care, holistic well-being, and ethical medical practice. The scholarship offers a financial award of $1,000 to the selected recipient, helping to ease the financial burden and support their educational pursuits.

We believe that investing in the education of aspiring medical professionals is an investment in the future of healthcare. By providing this scholarship opportunity, we hope to inspire and empower deserving individuals who demonstrate exceptional potential and a strong commitment to making a positive impact in the field of medicine.

Join us in our mission to shape the future of healthcare by supporting and celebrating the exceptional talents and dedication of medical students. Together, we can foster a brighter future for the medical profession and promote holistic well-being in our communities.

Professional Credentials


  • Al Baath University School of Medicine, Homs, Syrian Arab Republic: M.D., 09/2006

Licenses / Certifications

  • California State Medical License, Exp date 03/2025
  • Board-certified in Family Medicine
  • Specializes in Obesity Medicine
  • Certified by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (Training Certification for Step 1)

Professional Experience

  • Medical Director and Medical Aesthetic Physician at B Medical Spa and Wellness Center, San Diego, CA, 01/2021-present
  • Locum Family Physician, Med Express Urgent Care, Brookhaven, PA, 08/2019-02/2020
  • Medical Director of HMR-Health Management Resources, Aurora Health Care/Sinai Hospital, Milwaukee, WI, 03/2016-02/2017
  • Weight Management Physician, Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee, WI, 03/2016-07/2017
  • Sport Medicine Physician, Aurora Health Care/Marquette University Lacrosse Team, Milwaukee, WI, 01/2015-12/2016
  • Family Physician, Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee, WI, 05/2014-07/2017
  • Locum Family Physician, Beloit Community Health Center, Beloit, WI, 03/2014-04/2014
  • Locum Family Physician/Hospitalist, Amery Regional Medical Center, Amery, WI, 10/2013-12/2013

Connect With The B Medical Spa Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in the B Medical Spa Scholarship for Medical Students. We are committed to supporting and empowering the next generation of medical professionals by providing financial assistance to help offset the high costs of medical education. Our scholarship program is open to all medical students who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, and a commitment to advancing the field of medicine. At B Medical Spa, we believe that investing in the education of future healthcare professionals is essential to improving patient outcomes and advancing the healthcare industry as a whole. We are proud to offer this scholarship opportunity and look forward to supporting the bright and talented medical students who will shape the future of healthcare. If you have any questions about our scholarship program or would like to apply, please visit our website for more information.


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